Coking coal of Amaam and Amaam North is similar to Australian Blackwater, Dawson, Cook and Poitrel

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TIG — is ASX-listed company operating in Russia in Chukotka Autonomous district

project location

8 days delivery to the seaborne market

37 km from the quarry to the port

TIG’s operations
Amaam coal basin
Amaam North coal basin
Coal Terminal in Port
TIG mines and delivers high-quality coking and thermal coal since 2016 from the «Project F» site of Amaam North coal basin. TIG operates with its Russian affiliated companies «Beringpromugol» and «Port Ugolny».
TIG 10 years
of success
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TIG’s objective —
to become a significant supplier of high-quality coking coal to the seaborne market through the development of its assets located in the vicinity of the Bering Sea coast in the Russian Far East, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug (District).
Our values
Respect — treating our people, communities and stakeholders with respect and understanding
Care — for our people and the environment. An overriding commitment to ensuring our people finish their work each day without suffering injury or harm. Minimizing our impact on the environment
Integrity — being honest and open in the way we communicate and work. Doing what we say we will do
Delivery – empowering our people to excel. Consistently delivering on our plans and goals
Australian stock
TIG – is ASX-listed company operating in Russia in Chukotka Autonomous Okrug (district). The company became the resident of the Beringovsky Advanced Development Zone «Beringovsky» («Chukotka» since 2019) and was granted custom, tax and operation benefits.